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Frank Hafner


Bass, Backing Vocals

Frank is the calming influence in the band. Ignorant people say it’s because of his age.
But when it comes down to it, he really gets going. Mainly on stage.
He also plays in the cover band KOHALA. Here, homage is paid to the metal and rock classics. Learn more here.


Main tasks:
Playing bass, singing/screaming, stage action and headbangin’ (with subsequent neck stiffness), booking, chauffeur and delivery of expired beer for Stefan, occasionally playing drums and programming drums, environmental officer.

Favorite saying:
Try it with coziness.

Hobbies: Vacation, (beach) volleyball, riding an e-bike, singing somewhere else, playing guitar, bass and drums, hiking, tinkering around in the house, performing German hits with Swabian lyrics at parties, “Äffle und Pferdle”.

Favorite Bands: Kiss, (old), Judas Priest, Saxon, Sweet, Pretty Maids, Status Quo, Stryper, Gotthard …

Favorite Musicians: Rob Halford (only without beard !!!), Gene Simmons.

Favorite record: Kiss-Alive II, Judas Priest-British Steel, Sweet-Sweet Fanny Adams, Loudness-Soldier of fortune, Pretty Maids-Future world, Dokken-Under lock and key, Europe-Prisoners in paradies, Damned Nation-Grand design …

Favorite Songs: Kiss-Detroit Rock City, Judas Priest-Electric Eye, Dokken-Unchain the night, ’s Äffle ond’s Pferdle-Dr Banana-Hafer-Blues.

Favorite Drink: Latte macchiato (mit oder ohne Baileys).

Favorite Food: SchniPoSa (for non-Swabians: Schnitzel with fries and salad); when Petra is there: vegetable box with falafel.

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