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Stefan Kreutz


Guitar, Backing Vocals

Stefan seems like a prehistoric rock from a time when hard rock was still listened to a lot and with pleasure, the hairstyles were adventurous, cowboy boots were IN and people enjoyed life.


Main tasks:
Playing guitar, being THE MASTER, having the right idea for the right song, to make wisecracks, to tell funny stories, to drink beer, to play computer games, to worship Paul Stanley, to pay homage to Yngwie J.Malmsteen, to announce songs in a very special way, to offer a cool show, to live out Rock`n Roll, to teach, to spread good humor, sometimes to make his colleagues despair, to smoke up the rehearsal room.

Favorite Saying:
Always be one drink ahead of the world.

Hobbies: Playing computer games until early in the morning, watching soccer and don’t you dare call!!!, listening to music, going to the rock factory, correcting fan letters, No Sports …..

Favorite Bands: KISS, TNT, Dokken, Yngwie Malmsteen.

Favorite Musicians: Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Stanley, Rob Halford, John Sykes.

Favorite Record: Kiss-Alive II, TNT-Tell no Tales.

Favorite Songs: Lynch Mob – Wicked Sensation, Autograph – Turn up the Radio, Dokken – Unchain the Night, Pretty Maids – Future World, Whitesnake – All for Love.

Favorite Drink: Beer (preferably Hefeweizen).

Favorite Food: Everything with meat, seafood.

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