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Midnite Sky are back !

Hi to all our fans and friends out there, we have good news for you: Midnite Sky are back!

After long and hard 15 months without making music we will play at the Nagold Double Stage Festival on Saturday July 3rd 2021, 17:45. We look forward to this, weather will be fine. So let's rock the planet again!

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Attention! Attention!

The Red River concert is cancelled!

see you as soon as the situation has relaxed. Thank you for your understanding.
Rock the planet - more than ever before!


Midnite Sky



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You can order the NEW CD directly from us!

On our merchandise site you can order our cd "Blood, Sweat And A Little More" directly from us and pay with paypal. On request we sign your cd!

CD "Blood, Sweat And A Little More"

Our cd "Blood, Sweat And A Little More" is available on amazon and also as download on i-tunes and others.We hope you'll enjoy it!

On this way we want to say "thank you" to all helpers, friends and fans who supported us the whole time.

A big big "special thanks" goes to Kendal McNeil. He created the picture "Blood, sweat and gear" we used for the cover artwork and our website. Thanks for your support and we can use this great picture. You are a real rocker. Without this picture the cd wasn't complete.


Holger, Stefan, Frank und Markus


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