MARKUS - Drums - Vocals

Markus is the beatmachine - you don't see him, but you feel him. The thundering drums 
pushing the crowd


Music, biking, Rockfabrik, concerts, computers, 
good movies (action and comedy), cooking, my family

Favorite Bands

Bon Jovi, Gotthard, Pretty Maids, Firehouse, Pink Cream 69, Kiss, JBO

Favorite Musician

Jon Bon Jovi, Jeff Scott Soto, Cozy Powell, Tommy Aldrigde, Eric Singer, Geoff Tate, 
David Coverdale


Drums, singing, sweat, stand the click, eating and drinking

Favorite Record

Bon Jovi-Slippery when wet, Queensryche-Operation Mindcrime, 
Helloween-Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II, Royal Hunt-Moving Target, 
Pink Cream 69-Pink Cream 69

Favorite Songs

Kiss-Raise your glasses, Pretty Maids-Please don't leave me, 
Royal Hunt-Far away, Aerosmith-Dream on, Bon Jovi-Born to be my Baby, 
Tyketto-Forever Young

Favorite Drink

Caipirinha, Vodka-Lemon

Favorite Lunch

grilled steaks, Pizza, Spaghetti Bolognese, Döner/Gyros

Favorite Book

Savings book, no time for other books 

Favorite Movie

Men in Black, Die Hard(all), Mission impossible, Naked gun

Favorite Saying

If you don't think about your future, you wouldn't be have one
Who stop to get better, stop to be good
A new way arise, as you go this way
Who stop to get better, stop to be good