Frank - Bass - Vocals

Frank is the calm before the storm. He's a very relaxed person, but on stage he grows 
to a hurricane.
He also plays in a cover band called KOHALA. They play metal and rock classics.
Here you find more informations.


volleyball, driving motor-scooter, playing drums in the band Kohala, traveling, 
wandering, working on the house

Favorite Bands

Kiss, (old) Judas Priest, Sweet, Pretty Maids, Status Quo, Stryper

Favorite Musician

Rob Halford, Gene Simmons


Bass playing, singing/screaming, stageaction and headbangin', booking, 
playing drums sometimes and programming the drumcomputer

Favorite Bands

Kiss-Alive II, Judas Priest-British Steel, Sweet-Sweet Fanny Adams, 
Loudness-Soldier of fortune, Pretty Maids-Future world, Dokken-Under lock and key

Favorite Songs

Kiss-Detroit Rock City, Judas Priest-Electric Eye, Dokken-Unchain the night, 
's Äffle ond's Pferdle-Dr Banana-Hafer-Blues

Favorite Drink

Cappuccino with Amaretto

Favorite Lunch

Schnitzel with french fries and salad

Favorite Book

Wandering guide of Teneriffa

Favorite Movie

All Bruce Willis-movies, Augsburger Puppenkiste

Favorite Saying

Do it all with snugness